The House

When we decided to rent the house to make a B&B we didn’t know much about its history.
We were bewitched by the sea view and the beauty of Monteggiori.

During the first few days, we were moving some booksand a piece of paper  dropped out.

On the front there is an ancient building with a small look-out tower.

Below is a map that looks like the structure of the house and behind a handwriting reads like this:


La cucina è un sotteraneo.

Sulla torretta c’è la camera dei giochi per i grandi e per i, futuri, piccoli.

Ti piace il mio castello? Lo vuoi abitare con me?

Per ora solamente nel sogno, domani, forse, se Dio vorrà, nella realtà

Tower? Which tower? And where is the castle?

I still remember the feeling of when we read these lines, it seemed a message from another era, even from another reality.

We decided to investigate the matter and as we went forward the question became more and more engaging.

It seems that the foundations of the construction date back more than a thousand years ago, and initially it was a fortified house where the lord of the castle resided (it was also the home of Castruccio Castracani). Following the decadence due to the continuous wars of conquest, the house became a prison where, among others, Iori Castracani (son of the nobleman Castruccio) was also imprisoned who was subsequently beheaded.

Legend has it that his ghost still roams the streets of Monteggiori, and on certain nights you can hear the noise of the chains through the streets of the village.

Since the eighteenth century the house took the form that we can see now, the watchtower was chopped out making the beautiful terrace from which we can admire the entire Tyrrhenian coast.

In this period it was used as a tavern and lodging for the numerous pilgrims who walked the Via Francigena, a medieval route known since the Carolingian era and at the apex under the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne.

Over the centuries this place has repeatedly tried to take a direction.

It has been inhabited by a young couple in dreams, has welcomed travelers in need of a bed and a meal.

Perhaps the fact that Elisa and I ended up here to open a B & B was not a coincidence.

We want to be part of this story, and we are ready to welcome you and make you part of this long and wonderful adventure.

Today, February 24, 2018 we open a new course of millennial history, an experience that will continue to change over time with you.

We have created 3 spaces where you can witness different experiences:

In each room you will find a complimentary bottle of good local wine and upon awakening you will be greeted by a hearty breakfast made with local products.

Monteggiori, Versilia, Tuscany are rich in history and wonders for the eyes and a refreshment in the middle of peace and silence is the best starting point to live them.
We are waiting for you in our old tavern.
See you soon.

Marco ed Elisa