Having so many treasures at your fingertips is a privilege
to which us Tuscans are now accustomed to.


Nature, elegant artist, parades great works
guardians of small treasures.


There are places where silence is torn
by the memory of human history.


Get ready to immerse yourself on this journey
in Tuscany of beauties and wonders.


Sant’Anna di Stazzema


Distance: 10 minutes by car


A place sadly famous for the massacre in which 560 women and children lost their lives. Today it has become a center of peace and comparison for a better world.


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Candalla waterfalls


Distance: 20 minutes by car


On the slopes of Camaiore hills, jealously hidden by an ancient mill, we find a corner of paradise. A waterfall with a natural pool where you can take a refreshing swim. Going up the hills, there are other surprises including climbing walls.


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Malbacco waterfalls


Distance: 20 minutes by car


Hidden and not easy to reach, they can generously reward the most daring people. Beautiful natural swimming pools with several “trampolines” from which you can dive and a beautiful slide dug by water in the rocks.

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Lecciona free beach


Distanza: 25 minuti di macchina


Immersed in the Natural Park of Migliarino-San Rossore, it is one of the few Italian beaches that preserves its natural state intact. Marked out by dunes covered with vegetation, from the beach you can enjoy a panorama outlined by the green wood dominated by the majestic Apuan Alps.


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Massaciuccoli lake


Distance: 30 minutes by car


For a day that pleases everyone, this large lake offers numerous activities and attractions. A walk flowing over the water, boat trips and a visit to the remains of a Roman Villa of the first century D.C., are just some of the things to do.

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Onda Cave


Distance: 35 minutes by car


Ancient residence of the Neanderthals over 40 thousand years ago, a small paradise enriched with natural waterfalls and glimpses of greenery. Easily reachable by a walking path passing over an old aqueduct, it offers a quiet day for everyone, young and old.


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Antro del Corchia


Distance: 40 minutes by car


The most impressive karst complex in Europe, a cave full of wonders and surprises for a day of adventure. Guided tours suitable for everyone and the possibility to have a suggestive aperitif in the cave.


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Fantiscritti Museum Cave


Distanzce: 45 minutes by car


Located in the heart of the marble quarries of Carrara, this white marble quarry leaves you breathless. Numerous guided tours are organized there and you will also find a museum detailing the hard life of a quarryman.


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Malaspina Castle


Distance: 55 minutes by car


The most beautiful and best preserved castle of Lunigiana rises on the Apuane Alps in Fosdinovo. It is possible to book a guided tour to evoke emotions of the past as well as medieval customs and habits.


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Apuan Alps


Distance: all around us


The greatest work of art that Mother Nature has painted in our Versilia. A series of landscapes and natural habitats as different as they are suggestive. Walks, trekking, snacks, guided tours and much more. A series of wonders to be discovered.


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We await you in Dulcis in Borgo from where, after a good night’s sleep in our peaceful medieval village and a hearty breakfast, you can start exploring these wonders.


Book one of our rooms and we will be your advisors and guardians.



Elisa and Marco