Marco Dini (creator)


My name is Marco and with my girlfriend Elisa and my sister Valentina we decided to open a B & B.

Who knows me, knows my condition of tormented soul: I don’t have time to find a place in the social-work world and a strong itch leads me to get up and leave for yet another adventure.

Just think that the most enduring job was the professional poker player.

The years pass and the jumps in the new must become more and more aware and focused.

So before starting me and my fellows questioned ourselves :

Why open a B & B?

In my short, albeit long, life I have traveled a lot for pleasure and for work.

So I realized that among the most intense memories there was always the place where we were welcomed and the warmth of the welcome itself.


A journey, a holiday, an escape … these are emotionally important moments in which we put great expectations and often the small things make the difference between an unforgettable journey and a bad memory.

I have reached a point in my life where the word “work” has been transformed into the concept of “serving others”.

In the last two years I have been a cook, and during this time I have developed an empathy for the customer.

While I was cooking and preparing a dish, I felt a sort of connection with people at the table.

I perceived in people the joy and the emotion of going to eat at a restaurant in the company of a friend, a partner or family and what I cooked for them was a fundamental part of that moment.

I see the journey as a wider moment, which lasts for days and often becomes an important interlude of our life.

I decided to take this responsibility, to put myself at the service of people who decide to live this experience with the maximum of commitment and humility.

The new adventure has begun, the parachute is overhauled and I’m ready for the umpteenth jump with the enthusiasm of a teenager and the baggage of a Sugar Daddy.