Elisa Diolaiuti (partner)

We have a B&B, or rather, we have a house along the walls of an ancient medieval village called Monteggiori.

Behind the signing on the contract there have been so many sleepless nights. aiming the ceiling with the hope of finding some reassurance, even from the plaster: “You did the right thing”. There were quarrels; a whirlwind of ideas pinned everywhere, even on the tarnished glass of the car. Ideas to build our place, to fullfill with all our love.

And, I assure you that Marco is full with ideas, imagination, fantasy, visions … and much more. Making him walk among us mortals is a difficult task.

Let’s take a step back. When he told me he wanted to change again his work I was afraid and I didn’t know what to say except “WHAT ?!”.

However, I tried to put prejudices aside, and to listen his idead. More I know about his project and more I love his ideas.


I felt it could be his way, but, of course, I did not want him to notice it, so I started bombarding him with a series of questions and objections.

After all, even after graduating in Economics – hanging from the nail with an elegant blue frame – and a thousand jobs I had little to raise the ridge. Why should I have prevented that wonderful leap into the void ?!

With hand calculator and chart of accounts  (s a good economist), I tried to help Marco in this business. We have hypothesized possible scenarios, evaluated different places: country houses, mills, apartments in the city. Until we stumbled across this little village. Marco felt in love at first sight, for me it took a little more long time, but I eventually gave up.

And today we are here: amid the exciting chaos of this construction site. A project that includes anyone who wants to be part of it. Open like that little door in via del castello 246 which, like any self-respecting village, is never closed.